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We here at World Flavor have some favorite travel gear and resources, which we’d love to share with you. Note that several of these links are affiliate links, which is part of how we can make a little money from this blog.

Travel Gear

  • First off, our favorite place to buy travel gear is Amazon.
  • NOOK Color– We love our Nooks [well, Rachel loved hers] for carrying tons of books with us with a minimum of weight.
  • Olympus E-P2– Rachel is a big fan of this mirrorless system camera. It’s like a DSLR in image quality, but much smaller and lighter. You can see her full review over at Her Packing List.
  • Panasonic LumixCameras – Jeff’s (slightly-outdated) Lumix point-and-shoot is very small but takes great pictures. This is a link to the latest in the line – still very budget-friendly!
  • Osprey Talon 22-Litre Backpack– Rachel uses this bag as her daypack – it’s comfy, a perfect size and can even be used as the main bag on shorter trips.
  • Corsair Flash Voyager – This is a fairly tough USB flash drive. It’s not the most durable out there; but it is the most affordable durable flash drive we’ve found.
  • Scottevest Clothes – Both of us wear Scottevest clothes. Rachel loves the Women’s Essential Travel Jacket, while Jeff enjoys his Travel Boxers. So many pockets, and yet, it still looks good when they’re full!

Travel Services

  • World Nomads Travel Insurance– Do yourself a favor, and don’t travel without insurance. Sure, you might not need it in the end… but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Get a quote today!
  • HostelBookers – Even though HostelBookers has a bit fewer hostels than other sites, they don’t have any booking fee, which we love.
  • AirBnB – Room and apartment rentals in a wide variety of types and prices. We’ve stayed at some cool places through AirBnB like on a boat in Hong Kong (if you’re going to Hong Kong, stay there! You won’t regret it).
  • CouchSurfing – Meet cool people and find a free place to stay!
  • Skyscanner – Our favorite flight and hotel search engine. We love the “everywhere” destination feature, it’s very fun to play with.
  • Traventuria – Great tours in Bulgaria.

Blogging Services

  • DreamHost – This is where we host our site. The prices here are quite good. In fact, if you use our promo code “worldflavorfan” (without the quotes), you will receive $50 off one and two-year hosting plans! This is for new customers only.

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links. What this means is that if you click through and purchase something, we get a portion of the profit, at no cost to you. Please support us by buying things through our affiliate links!

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